Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caldwell Lights, Christmas Party

It's time for another annual C-town friends Christmas party. This year we headed out to Marsing for food, gifts and fun, fun, fun! Ben and Maria hosted us, we had fondue (yummy!!), lots of room for the kids to run around. 
But first, we met my parents in downtown Caldwell to check out the Indian Creek lights. It was so pretty, lots of twinkling lights, lots of color, very cold, Jack loved it!

Then off to Marsing we go...

It's hard to get together with these girls, lives are busy and it doesn't help to be working all the time. However, when we do get together we have a wonderful time.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Jack's First Birthday



Yep, started planning this a couple of months in advance. I love parties! I was searched all over Etsy and Pinterest looking for a good idea for Jack's party. After searching and consulting with a friend I decided to throw Jack a Monster party.
I had a lot of food planned and made my own invitations and made a monster cake with monster cupcakes to eat. We hung streamers and had helium balloons and a happy birthday banner. I had some other plans that kind of fell through because I ran out of time to put it all together.
I was up quite late the night before doing prep work, but it was all worth it when my plans came together.

{Oreo Crack balls turned monster eyeballs and meatballs}

 It was a lot of fun though. Jack was surrounded by people who love him dearly to celebrate his big day. He got a lot of presents and loved them all. His Capener grandparents gave him a scooter that turns into a walker, he loved it! He was cruising all over the clubhouse.

 {Jack got a Mickey that plays Happy Birthday, later on that the little song Mickey plays would terrify Jack}

 {Jack even got some help from his more experienced 2nd cousin Cade}
 {sittin' on his scooter/walker, look out world, here he comes}

Everyone's favorite event of the night was the cake though. I made Jack his own little cake, we laid down some plastic, stripped down the baby and let him have a go at the cake. He was a little unsure about the whole thing at first, probably didn't know what to do with it since his parents are sugar Nazi's (when it comes to Jack's food that is). After a little help from his dad he did some pretty good damage to the cake and he and his dad made a pretty good mess.

 {the eyeballs on top were made of Oreo Crack Balls, Jack would have been content inhaling all of those}

{a little water to wash it down, and digging right back in}

{sink bath after, mama with her naked cake baby}

Thank you so much to everyone who helped with everything and all the wonderful gift you gave Jack. We are so grateful to be loved by so many people, we are truly blessed!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Jack: One Year Old!

 Where did the time go? A year ago today we were at the hospital, waiting for our little bundle of joy, with no idea of how upside down our world would turn and how amazing it would be.
Jack is really good at standing now, but we can't get him to walk. He love to climb though and is good at getting into things he is not suppose to. One of his favorite places to get into is under the sink. He loves to get a hold of those spray bottles of cleaners and spray them all over, he is also good at emptying drawers, all drawers. He is still a very good eater and loves his fruits and vegies, he also loves his water, that kid is a little water hog. He is starting to learn words, he is really good at the "da" sound and I keep pushing "ma".
We just love this boy more than I can even tell you, he is such an angel and I couldn't imagine our lives without him.

We love you our little Attack baby, don't grow up too fast!